About SpiderData

An affordable means to track and submit activities by team members where ever they be, live! For small to mid-sized teams, agencies and/or organizations! How do you keep track of what your team is doing? Use SpiderData!

The need!

SpiderData is not just for Law Enforcement, but with over 18 years on the job (Law Enforcement). I felt a need to create a system that tracked my hours, my patrol reports, my patrol mileage, my patrol activities, and reduce the redundancy of duplicated information across multiple forms, as well as submitting this information live to those who are in need of the data of my activities.

Lets be blunt, by not having to drive back to my office and give the necessary collected patrol data to to those that needed it saves my time and their time. Coining a common phrase "Time is Money". Aggregating pertinent operational information with a set of checks and balances coupled with live team member submissions. Simply, in conclusion saves time and money but, also allows for more time on station!

SpiderData has grown to incorporate, fleet records, team scheduling, team communications, and more...

The Hurdles!

Beating the Hurdles! - Infrastructure

Keeping in mind the needs and hurdles, I designed and have tested SpiderData in the field to meet these hurdles. As long as there is a connection to the internet (1X data/internet) You'll be able to access your data with SpiderData 99.9% of the time. Note: SpiderData is still limited by access to the internet!

Beating the Hurdles! - Security

That's It - SSL and 2FA - I'm not claiming that this system is hacker proof, just the opposite, I'm claiming it can be hacked and assume it might! Security is a team effort between the user and the system!

Keeping Cost Down! - Your responsibility when you use SpiderData

There must be a strict adherence to NOT TRANSMITTING SENSITIVE INFORMATION OR CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE DATA WHEN USING SpiderData. This responsibility lies with the agency and/or organization to enforce, and its liability also belongs solely with the agency/organization! SpiderData hosting cost are kept down by using a cloud based hosting service that maintains a 99.9% uptime. Using SSL and/or coupled with 2FA for added login security. We can keep the cost of subscribing to SpiderData at a minimum.


Future SpiderData modules are under development that would allow more functionality for your agency and/or organization. Always willing to hear the ideas of our subscribers for future modules that might make SpiderData a better system for us to use. Please Contact Us with your ideas.


SpiderData is a system to help fill in the blanks of other record management systems with out adding extensive or expensive overhead.

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